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third-life-magazine-for-smartphonesThirdLife Magazine

“Match your HealthSpan to your Lifespan”
Growing old is unavoidable, but feeling old is up to you.

THIRD LIFE Magazine for third lifers (kids gone, at or approaching retirement) who want to be alert, active, contributing to 120 years of age. Nutrition, exercise, muscle building, travel tips, lifestyle, etc.

Sample article excerpt: Rescue Syndrome

As parents our hearts go out to our kids getting themselves ready for The Big World. Having grown through our own battles, of course we want to pass on the wisdom and the experience to protect and to help. But … here’s the big BUT. Sometimes our heartfelt effort of helping becomes an all-or-nothing rescue mission. Instead of being enabling helpers, we become all-out Rescuers.

ISSUE: Rescuers can invalidate growth and maturing by believing that the troubled individual is unable to work through their problems alone. Rescuers can go overdo it and create their own deep anxiety by believing that the other person (Victim in trouble) cannot deal with his own pain. Rescuers often avoid their own pain by depending on their Rescuer role to create a sense of “I’m-the-one-to-help-you” identity.

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