talk-points-smartphone-magazine-for-boring-partiesgTalkPoints Smartphone Magazine for Boring Parties and Awkward Family Gatherings

Did you ever get stuck at a boring party or a family gathering that’s just like watching grass grow? Maybe you can salvage a tough social situation by initiating eclectic conversations and telling jokes or keeping the conversation going until it’s polite to exit. Sure, we all have been required to stick around and someone need to fill the time with something. Thankfully there’s TALKPOINTS magazine you can open on your smartphone and flip through pages until you come to a conversation starter that might be ok for the zombies in the room. Knowing how to hold a good conversation is not that complicated … as a rule, people are interested in you being interested in them. Plus adopting the cheerful attitude and making appropriate small talk can all help you survive a dreadful family gathering or a boring party.

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