9 out 10 top-selling websites use a catalog to presell their customers. Why? Because it takes 5 kisses to turn a frog into a prince these days. 81% of most sales are made after the 5th contact. A microcatalog dripped a few pages at a time over weeks is a powerful way to kiss your frogs.


If you are in business selling products — computers, office supplies, business furniture, industrial supplies— each single item can have many variations in technical specs, color, size, model, compatibility, power. Buyers need an easy way to move through the “evaluation and comparison” phases and to understand your offerings fast and with enough information.

micro-catalogs-are-inexpensive-ways-to-sell-products-worldwide• Inexpensive & fast: Microcatalogs are fast to produce and they are cost effective. They eliminate printing and postage, press-proofing at the printer at 3 am, presorting and hassles with the Post Office and of course, the mailing cost.

• Worldwide reach You can reach buyers in Berlin, Belize, and Buenos Aires as easily as someone across the street.

• Easy to update Because microcatalogs are digital files online, they can be updated rapidly to reflect price increases, discontinued items, and other changes.

• Prospecting tool Use microcatalogs as lead magnets with a compelling introductory offer (e.g., on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, telemarketing, email campaigns, or mini-brochure business card).

• Immediate attention Prospects have immediate access right on their smartphones or tablets, and can have ‘hot’ call-buttons to instantly call you or be directed to watch a movie on their phone or fill out a fast questionnaire. It’s a great way to get immediate attention, create immediate interest, and start engagement.

• Cross-selling Microcatalogs give you the increased ability to showcase and promote companion products, accessories, and services. Matching psychographic profiles to product clustering, you can even promote products across categories and do Amazon-like “also bought” product suggestions and product clusters. Cross-selling gives you an opportunity educate your customers and save them time in the ‘evaluation’ stage of the sales cycle. They appreciate your care and the time you have taken to make buying easy.

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