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sumhow.com micropublications

We design and write special micropublications (mini-magazines, catalogs, and magalogs) for tablets and smartphones. Download to your smartphone and read with iBooks, Kindle, Acrobat, or PDF reader.


The Swiss Army Knife of Outbound Marketing

It takes 5 kisses to turn a frog into a prince these days, 81% of sales are made after the 5th contact. Smartphone magazines are lead nurturing at its best. They are great for building relationships with potential buyers even if they are not looking to buy at present.

SmartPhone Magazines are highly targeted mini-magazines that specially written, formatted and designed for easy smartphones reading (you are reaching the right person). They are frequent communication pieces that inform, educate, entertain, a make specific value offers. And they can be as creative as The New Yorker that mixes serious with the irreverent cartoons.

Stay in-Touch Campaigns: These proactive publications “drip” out relevant content to prospects over time, help educate, and build trust and credibility for your company. People welcome and love information that helps them … BROCHURE


Custom Publishing for Your Company

Here are some sample uses …

— a car dealership mails out lot models and repair specials
— a software company supports their resellers worldwide
— a meditation guru sends magazine with audio mp3 files
— a fashion store blasts weekly magazine to its house-list
— a travel company sends a last-minute-getaway magazine
— a marketing guru offers drip-content courses to startups
— a network marketer supports and builds his teams the worldover
— a chiropractor educates her clients with latest bits of research
— resort drips their activity news to past customers
— many versatile ways to drip your messages …

We have excellent marketing-mix packages that combine SmartPhoneMagazines with social media presence, video, and media production … fast, easy, and inexpensive.

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Third Life Magazine for Healthy LifestyleThird Life Magazine

If I’d known I was going to live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself  —Anonymous

Third Life Magazine addresses lifestyle issues of 50+ cohorts from nutrition, antiaging, fitness, to prevention. Growing old is unavoidable, but feeling old is up to you. Magazine for third lifers who want to be alert, active, contributing to 120+ years of age. Nutrition, exercise, muscle building, travel tips, lifestyle, etc. Match your healthspan to your lifespan.


Startups-Magazine-for-New-BusinessesSTARTUPS Magazine

Chart your flight path while you are on the runway. It is critical to have a good overview of the “good decisions” before you start a business. This will avoid the need to backtrack and to waste time in having to redo things. Need help with marketing? STARTUPS Magazine covers 855 sales and marketing tactics including those that have increased sales 1000% in 6 months with internet, and 230% in 9 months without the internet.



2WeekDiet Magazine

2-Week-Diet Magazine explores the biggest fat loss tactics from sleep hygiene to carbs to HIIT our goal is to guide you to maximum fat loss and toning in the shortest possible time.



TalkPoints Magazine

TalkPoints Magazine is a collection of eclectic, interesting topics for conversation starters for boring parties and awkward family gatherings when you’ve got nothing to say to each other.